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Find below some additional information to learn a little more about me. 


French is my mother tongue. During my years living abroad both in Spain and in The Netherlands, I became fluent in English and a good speaker in Spanish


As passionate about sports as irregularly practicing it, I play football, I start playing Golf, I have a competitive level in tennis and I am experienced at skiing. On top and as often as possible, I like training and running in the nature.


Very curious about new cultures and foreign countries, I have extensively travelled in Europe, Africa, USA and Brazil. I like photography, listening to music and reading about Politics, Management and Sports.


During my years at Under Armour and Poupluche, I got involved into many different projects with charities. The causes that I brought help the most are « Children and people that have a tough life. » and «  A better access to sports for all people. ». On top of partnering with famous associations like Le Secours Populaire or the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, I got involved with smaller structures like Maghanora and the Association Christophe Griezmann. In reward of my support at the launch of Association Christophe Griezmann, I had to honour to be appointed « Member of Honor » of this local and dynamic association dedicated to people living with Trisomy 21 and fighting for a better access to sport


Father of a happy family, I consider my daughter and her mother as my base in life. These two bring me happiness everyday, stability and a motivation to succeed