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Aiming for a fresh start

with an ambitious and innovative project

Grégory Pays, Paris


Born and raised in Paris, I lived over 8 years abroad and feel very French and very International at the same time. I speak French, English and Spanish and worked at different types of companies: a historical market leader (Adidas), a successful and innovative challenger (Under Armour in Europe), and I also started my own company from scratch.

After more than 12 years in the Sporting Goods Industry, I gained a broad experience in building Strategies, running Negotiations, driving Sales, Key Account management, Brand Marketing, Brand building, Brand positioning, Brand Licensing, Digital marketing, International management and the implementation of strategic plans to drive growth at retail and online.

With leadership, kindness and a strategic thinking, I bring passion, determination and ambition to a team, in order to meet corporate goals, exceed expectations and ensure my teammates are happy at work everyday.

Personally, I am a hard worker, creative, proactive, authentic and not afraid of thinking out of the box (and being disruptive if needed). I have strong values. I am honest, sincere and loyal, as well as organized and structured to solve problems.

In few words, I am humble and hungry to succeed.


Business is People

Build a team of smart and passionate people accountable for their performance and willing to commit to your goals, sacrifice for the success of the team, and dedicate long hours if needed to have the work well done.

Turn problems into opportunities

Be pragmatic and smart enough to make the best out of every situation. With the global picture in mind and a positive attitude, interesting business opportunities can grow from a problematic situation.

The Worst is never sure…

Never react too quickly. Fight for what you believe in, and when you think the sky just fell on your head, you usually figure out very quickly that it wasn’t that bad.